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Many issues in the home can be avoided by acting sooner to correct the problem. Let us take a look! Give us a call today.

Protect Your Family

Sticking doors, cracking sheetrock and leaky plumbing can all become hazardous if left unchecked.

Protect Your Investment

Whether your home is older or brand-new, it’s often your biggest investment.  Repairing foundation cracks will ensure you are able to sell your house with confidence in the future.

Consult A Professional

Leave it in the hands of the professionals to figure out. You can rest worry free knowing all of the issue will be identified and corrected by trained and experienced technicians. Give us a call today!

What Causes Foundation Issues?

In addition to issues from poor construction and bad plumbing the soil under your foundation can wreak havoc on your foundation. Changes in temperature and moisture levels can cause the soil below your foundation to shift around over time.
Tree roots and other landscaping extract water from the soil which can also cause soil to shrink under your home.

Saturation and poor drainage can contribute to shifting soil. 

ziplevelNot all cracks mean you have foundation issues, but better to be safe than sorry. If you are seeing more than one of these issues in your home, it might mean there are some budding foundation issues. With over 30 years of experience, our technicians can spot trouble areas quickly and create solutions for you to save you money in the long run! All of our jobs are completed using the Zip Level for accuracy and precision, every time. 

If you’ve seen any of these issues in your home, it may be time for an inspection.

Cracked Bricks

Cracking in your brick may just be a cosmetic issue, but better to be safe than sorry.
Foundation issues will cause these cracks to get worse.
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Sheetrock Cracks

Cracks in the sheetrock on the interior of your home are a good indicator that you may be experiencing foundation issues.
Cracks in plaster or sheetrock will help you determine whether you are experiencing settlement on the interior or along the perimeter. Let one of our knowledgeable technicians take a look for you.
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Windows and Doors Misaligning

Are your doors suddenly sticking? Windows won’t close all the way?
That may be an indicator you are having foundation issues.
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Other Place You May See Cracks Appear Include:

Door Frames
Ceilings and Corners
Floor Tiles and Planks
Exterior Walls
Window Frames
Garage Doors
Corner Walls
Ceiling / Wall Joints

What You Can Expect From An Inspection

• An expert foundation repair specialist will discuss your areas of concern and perform an evaluation both inside and outside your home to get a full picture of the underlying issues concerning your foundation failure.
• A foundation inspection should be performed onsite and will take about two hours for the average home.
• Foundation specialists are trained to recognize and understand the issues surrounding foundation failure.
• A full home elevation profile—inside and outside. This can be performed using several different types of tools, including an electronic Zip Level — this works under the same principle of the age-old “water level.”
• The technician should also make a scale drawing of the home, marking the visible obstructions and utilities. If not all of them are marked, don’t worry — excavations are generally done by hand, so major lines will be detected before damage occurs.
• Indications of location of cracks and other areas of concern. The evaluation and service plan should include where cracks are located.
• Service plan. Your service plan should include a course of action to remediate problem areas discovered during the foundation inspection.
• Repair outline. The type of piles necessary for repair and safety of your home as well as where those piles will be placed should be indicated on the plan.
• List of expectations. A trustworthy foundation repair specialist will explain what to expect—and what not to expect—from foundation repair on your home.
• Estimated cost for services. The foundation inspection specialist should provide an estimated cost for services.

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Curious about that crack? Not sure why your pipes are leaking? We can help answer some of those questions. Our highly experienced technicians can provide a no cost evaluation of your property and let you know if your issues stem from a budding or more serious foundation issue. Prevent a larger potential problem by acting today!
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